Thursday, 4 March 2010


A word from Guest Editor,
Mr Oli Adams

I’ve been involved with the Pitpilot baby right from the start. I watched one of my best friends, Joe Moran go through a painful labour (full respect for that) and give birth to it, then I watched it grow and tried to help nurture it with ideas and support when needed, almost like a crazy uncle.

Then I watched Joe give it up for adoption when he needed to move on to a new life as a lady of leisure. It got fostered out to a friendly man called Greg who taught it to stop swearing as much and dressed it up a bit smarter until finally it got itself old enough to move out and into a flat with a wise and peaceful landlord called Tony who is going to kick it out into 2010 and beyond. With this in mind I’m absolutely stoked to be given the opportunity to be the guest editor for this issue of PitPilot. I’ve always wanted to be a surf mag editor and it’s been cool to be involved with the process and to be part of what goes into it. This issue we’ve got loads of goodness for ye faithful followers of the Wolf. First up, we have a South Coast feature on the crown jewel of Cornwall, Porthleven. We have a piece by Matt Knight called “Respect“, there’s a one hot, one cold, one hot themed gallery, plus all the usual gold, like the knowledge passed down by the wondrous Beagle (where does it come from? only he knows!) It’s time for me to fly, hope you all enjoy this issue. PitPilot is now, as it always was, dedicated to portraying British surfing in the best possible way, from grass roots to big trees. See you in the line up, cheers, Oli

:: PPM Issue 34 Content ::

08 - OLI ADAMS: GUEST EDITOR Oli takes time out from his hectic trekking around the jungle and falling out of trees routine to “Spank the Truth Monkey” and do some Editing.
Pit Pilot groupie Aaron Roberts tells us what its like to be Aaron Roberts
24 - PORTHLEVEN it’s been breaking hearts and busting heads for years, and if you ever turn up for a look, make sure you show some respect!
38 - GET OUT OF YOUR BOX Everyone needs to get out of his or her box a bit; here’s someone who is famous for it, Mr Danny Wall.
39 - THE UN-CURSED NUMBER 10 - Nuff said
40 - BRIDGES, FRIDGES & TREES Ever felt the need to gently glide the wrong way up a river? BINGO !
50 - WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN Some shiz We’ve been hassling to get prizes for you winners out there! Losers need not apply.
64 - RESPECT - There’s a right and a wrong way to do things, get something
wrong in some places and people will point at a sign on the wall and make tutting noises, get it wrong somewhere else and you are going home looking different to the way you looked when you arrived.
97 - MR B and the MAGIC LIST B spills some beans with a series of in depth Grom reviews.


18 - BEAGLE The Truth Hurts
52 - MIDDLE AGE SPREAD We catch up with
doddering old fart “Nibs”
55 - MYSTIC HOGG She knows about stars & stuff
63 - GABRIEL WISDOM Sacked, re-instated and on a second verbal warning
62 - KOOK2DUKE Stoker shows you how to get 2 of what you want
69 - PITSTOPS Snow, hail, sunshine and perfect swell, 2010 kicks off with a BANG !
78 - THE ARGUMENT Parabolic V Parabollocks. How many surfboards have you got ? How many have you and your friends owned over the years ? What shape are they ? Have a look at this… you are going to either love it or hate it, its like Marmite with fins on, we LOVE IT !
80 - LOCAL LEGEND Alex Wade spends a bit of Keg time with Buzz Aldrin
82 - GALLERY 1 warm, 1 cold, 1 warm,
1 cold. 1 warm